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Hi! I’m Zamani! I’ve been lucky enough to become fluent in isiZulu, which has changed my life and enriched my experience of living in South Africa. I only started learning Zulu as an adult, so I know it’s never too late!

I have found a highly efficient and effective way to teach languages. I can guide you to isiZulu proficiency more quickly than you would have thought, with you having fun all the way.

Here we will do very little tedious grammar - only what’s necessary. We focus on engaging isiZulu language input, getting you learning naturally... as naturally as a child learns from its parents.

So come along… contact me for one to one lessons, browse through my free learning resources or stay tuned for my online course launching soon. All geared to get you fluent fast!

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Navigate my free videos, podcasts and courses... and start learning isiZulu today!


Learn IsiZulu wherever you are in the world... 1:1 and group classes available... 

How we learn languages

(why my method works!)

I use a language learning method called Compelling Comprehensible Input... it simply means people learn languages when they understand what they read or hear, and it helps if this language input is very interesting, or better still, compelling...

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Like some structure?

Online course coming soon...

This fun online course provides some  structure for your learning, whilst still being fun and engaging...


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