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Ready to accelerate your learning? 

One of the main ways people learn a language is by exposing themselves to LOTS of 'comprehensible input'. That is,  material of which you understand about 70-90% (for more info on this, I highly recommend checking out my Teaching Method page).


So you can learn a LOT by simply putting in 100's of hours reading and listening to isiZulu. In fact, this kind of dedication is necessary.   

However, there also comes a time when most people need some extra motivation, encouragement and answers to their questions! When I teach people both individually or in groups, I can make the material relevant to their interests and level, which makes the learning stick!

If you are at this stage, then join me for 1:1 lessons or group lesson, online from anywhere in the world. Send me an email and we'll work out the rest! 

Our Services

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